Tacha reacts to being dragged over ‘single till you’re married’ comment

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Big Brother Naija star, Tacha is not pleased with the reactions of the internet over her controversial ‘single till you’re married’ comment online.

The reality star posted a video to her Instagram Story, slamming the people dragging her over the snippet of her interview with reality star Phyna, which went viral.

She began: “A lot of people on this internet are not smart at all. You act as if you have sense but you don’t have sense and that’s why we have to pass English before we go to school in an English-speaking nation because speaking in English no mean say you get sense.”

The reality star expressed frustration over the quick reactions of some social media users, emphasizing that many people are quick to judge without understanding the full context of the conversation.

“Tell me how you guys are getting so upset and reacting off a 40-second teaser, a teaser wey be say the full conversation is over an hour and you’re using 30 seconds to get angry. I don’t understand. That’s why it’s so easy for fake narratives and fake news to go on the internet,” she continued.

Tacha criticised the internet for being too hasty in forming opinions based on a 40-second teaser, while the full conversation spanned over an hour. She urged people to think for themselves and not succumb to the trend of hating on her without understanding the complete narrative.

“Most of you guys are gullible and don’t think for yourself. Because it’s so popular to hate on Tacha, because everything Tacha says must be wrong, you people follow the crowd and don’t want to understand what they’re talking about,” she continued.

Tacha had appeared as a guest on the podcast hosted by Phyna where she made the initial comment.

She said to Phyna in the clip: “You have to be in that relationship and not be faithful until you probably get a ring. Or until you’re getting into a marriage where you have to swear an oath because which oath did you swear to your boyfriend that you’re faithful to? Like do you understand what I mean? You’re single till you’re married, you know that yes?”

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